Through years of industry-experience and research the two founding visionaries of ATA Infotech identified the existence of a yawning gap spread between university education of the times and industry needs of the present times, concluding that this abysmal gap had made securing of employment a very challenging task for the budding professionals of tomorrow. The outcome of their research pointed to the fact that, this gap could only be bridged by increasing employability skills amongst the generation next, which would maximize their potential and help them secure employment in desirable positions. Analyze, Transform and Accelerate one’s Career is the bedrock of our service offerings, ATA Infotech Ventures was incorporated in 2016 and has two state of the art own facilities in the heart of Salt Lake City – The IT destination of Eastern India. The infrastructure is equipped with – Apple Lab catering to Apple Technologies, IoT Lab, AWS & Google Cloud Lab.

ATA Infotech is proud to be associated with Industry Leaders , Apple Inc, Cloud Academy, IBM Corporation, EC Council, Amazon, Pearson, PSI, Beingcert and many other leading brands, offering dynamic, robust portfolio of all leading technology & industry staffing solutions under one single roof. ATA facility at Salt Lake City Kolkata also provides Industry specific certifications from Pearson, PSI, Beingcert.

ATA Infotech understands how crucial it is to find the right employee with the right skill sets who can contribute to the success of your business. Whether you are a small business or a large corporate with your own HR department, finding the right people is never easy. This is where we can help.

ATA aspires to be the best staffing service provider across India and neighbouring countries providing the most advanced and professional processes of hiring for temporary & permanent staffing. ATA manages end-to-end workforce requirements and add value to your business with our tailor-made staffing solutions. Our teams are equipped with specific Industry focused expertise and process knowledge which helps us to meet your specific need. No matter what you require, our competent staffing services division will find the Right Person at the Right Place at the Right Time.

“What you learn is what you practice”. Learning is further enhanced when you get the opportunity to utilize your learnings in real life scenarios one encompasses in the project delivery life cycle. At ATA Infotech, we offer comprehensive project management internship programs which lets you have a comprehensive view and hand on experience. One is guided by an experienced project manager who will act as an mentor and guide during the entire phase of the project internships. Currently we offers real life project internship projects along with our customers and partners. There are number of internal projects also where we constantly deploy project interns.